What You Need To Know About Basic Web Development

When building a website, it’s important to know why you’re building it and what you need it to do for you. From the first steps through to launching your website, here are some things you need to know!

First Steps

You’ll need to register or buy a domain name through GoDaddy, Google Domains, Name Cheap, or another platform. This will build your credibility, give your business a more professional look, and help build brand awareness. Then, you’ll need a reliable place to host your site so it can be accessed by everyone on the web. Hosts like BlueHost, SiteGround, HostGator, or Art Unlimited are great options. Finally, your website needs to have content on it, at the very least a homepage.

Another essential factor is knowing about programming basics and how web development is done. Even if you’re not the one doing it, it’s good to familiarize yourself with some of it.

Basics Of Programming A Website

There are numerous options when it comes to building a website. Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress are just a few reputable options. Even with a website builder, quite a few moving parts go into programming a website. The three areas to understand for programming include:


The theme of your website dictates its design and style. Everything on the front end of your site, like the font, layout, and color is determined by the theme. With WordPress, you have the option to use a pre-made theme or make your own

Using a pre-made theme is cheaper than having someone build you a custom theme. It also allows for an easier time when adding new pages to your website. This is because you won’t have to worry about having it built-in when developing the site or having it coded in later down the line. However, pre-made themes limit what you can do to the structure and customization of your site. Trying to alter a theme can actually be more difficult than if you were to create your own.

Making a custom theme gives you all the free reign you could want. The code is made from scratch and built to your needs. It’s easier to update the content in a custom theme as there is less clutter, as your site will only have what you want/need. Though, building your own custom theme is going to be time-consuming and, if you’re having someone build it for you, more expensive. If you want to add more pages later, you’ll need to go back to your developer and have them build the pages out. However, a custom theme will provide your site with a unique look specific to your brand.

Local environment

A local environment lets you set up a server environment on your computer. This makes it so any changes you make to your site won’t break the live version because it’s not on the hosting company’s server environment. Another advantage is being able to work on the site when you’re not connected to the internet. Your completed work can then be uploaded and pushed live to the server environment after you ensure it’s working correctly.


Git is a distributed version control system used to track changes in source code during software development. A workflow is a recommendation on how the team should use Git so it’s most effective. It’s a good idea for the workflow to be agreed upon by the team before the project begins so things will run smoothly. 

Version Control, also known as revision control or source control, is a Git-based workflow. It’s used to track the various versions of software, documents, computer programs, large websites, and other work in development. If a mistake is made or something goes wrong, the developers can compare the earlier versions of the code to find the problem without interfering with other team members’ work. All of this allows the development team to efficiently work on different parts of the project at the same time.

Launch The Site

Once your site is finished, the final step to your website development is to launch it. From there, it’s important to keep up with new content monthly. This content can come in different forms, one being a blog. You can have a regularly scheduled blog to connect on a more personal level to your clients, or an informative blog to help them understand more about the service you’re providing.

At Art Unlimited, we can help you with web development and programming basics. Plus we can help with your website development and the continued maintenance on it. From coding to updating the plugins, we’re here for you. Contact us to get started on your new website today!