Collision Repair businesses need local optimization

With any business, you want to get new leads. Being found online locally has been a game changer for the collision repair market. Here’s why local optimization is important and a few ways you can get your digital leads flowing.

Mobile Users Want Local Results

Searching the web for a collision repair shop isn’t typically done from a living room desktop. 62% of the searches for the automotive industry, as a whole, are being done through mobile devices, and that number dramatically increases for searches specifically within the collision repair business.

For many consumers in need of collision repair, their first research experience happens on their phone while waiting for a tow truck. Being locally optimized is absolutely crucial for this first point of contact because Google seeks to present the most relevant results based on the searcher’s phone location and search request.

Local Optimization Helps Determine Towing Fee

In Google’s help page for businesses it states, “Google uses business information to help surface relevant local search results across Google, such as in Google Maps and Search.” Many towing companies and emergency assistance programs have a specific pricing structure for the amount of miles towed.

Having your service location properly documented within your Google Business Listing can have a large influence in the consumer decision making process. This is because repair shops can be easily mapped within a specific radius of miles.

How to Start Local Optimization

Claim your Business for these top 4 places:


All search engine algorithms scan the web to find consistent information that shows credibility. These top four platforms are incredibly important when trying to show search engines that you are a trustworthy business that should be noted when someone is looking for your specific services.

When you have claimed these listings, you can move on to specific listings within your community and industry. Being listed within your community’s chamber of commerce website or on Angie’s List as a service provider are good starting points after you’ve tackled the top four.

Is there a college or university near you that you could get a listing for student services with? Brainstorm ways to build a stronger local presence even using some of the connects you currently have.

How Consistent Do I Have to Be?

A big part of this process is making sure that your name, address, and phone number is consistent across each one of these listings. Google looks for inconsistencies at an incredibly high level. Even if you use a dash instead of space for your phone number, Google will count that as an inconsistency.

Wherever you are putting your information, make sure that it is in the same format you listed it everywhere else.


Local optimization isn’t as scary as it first sounds. Your collision repair business can see significant lead traffic from local optimization. Mobile users appreciate your local listings, and Google will look more kindly to your digital presence when you are locally optimized.

Looking for more tips to improve your digital impact? Connect with Art Unlimited to learn more about what you can do to propel your business forward.

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