In the first half of our reviews segment we learned that local reviews are just an extension of word of mouth marketing. It is a permanent record of the consumers’ thoughts of your business, much like social media.  I talked about tools you can use to acquire reviews. For the DO’s and DONT’s on review site guidelines, check out: The Impact of Online Reviews on a Business – Part 1

Now, on to the next step…

Promoting Positive Online Reviews

How to Respond to Customer Reviews

One of the recent social innovations by the local search engines, has been to enable two-way conversations between customers and business owners via the ability for business owners to respond publicly to customer reviews. Responding effectively, however, can take some practice.

Remember: not all reviews will be good.

If you’re new to the world of online reviews, getting your first negative review may cause you to feel panicked, threatened, embarrassed, or insulted. While a prompt response is important, it can be good to take a step back from your computer before you publish anything and consider your options for responding positively to criticism.

The key: Do everything you can to make the situation right and prove that you care.

Response fields aren’t just for replying to negative reviews. Take a few minutes each week to thank customers who have spent their time leaving you a glowing review.

How do you know when people are saying things about you and your business online? A simple way is to establish a Google Alert about your name and your business name.

There are also many local listing sites that you can sign your business up on. Some let you respond to customers but others don’t, so depending on your company’s needs you might want to be careful which you use. (See a list of top sites in Part 1 of this blog.)

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