Successful online marketing is like a puzzle. Not only does it consist of many different components, but it also requires these components to fit together perfectly. In this video blog, our CEO Anna Anderson addresses the ways that a simple photograph can impact your marketing efforts.


Hi, Anna from Art Unlimited. I wanted to share with you three simple strategies you can put into your daily life as you go about your work. One of the questions that I get asked all the time is: should I take photos?


People love to connect with photos – one of the reasons they go viral all the time.

How to Take Photos

When you are taking photos in your daily work life, you need to make sure you take them throughout the process – the before, the during, and the after.

Customers love to see what’s happening – what they can expect from your services.

Take Accurate Photos

When you take those photos, make sure you’re taking them accurately. Don’t just zoom into a closeup on the photos as if it is a roofing insurance claim. Make sure you have photos that encompass the entire home and landscape, getting plenty of sky and grass included in the frame.

What to Do With Them

What we can do with those images, then, is share them on Facebook, the largest social media platform currently out there. We can share them on a blog for your company – Google loves that; it’s fresh content. We can also use the photos to engage with other social media platforms, such as Houzz, Pinterest, etc.

Content = Awareness = $

So – what are photos to you as a business owner? Content.
To your customers, they promote awareness.
At the end of the day , for you, they mean: $$.

Just Do It

Get out there and start taking photos of your business process.  It might take time to get the hang of using your camera, getting the right angle, and editing the images.  In the end, the value of your efforts will greatly increase the overall experience that a customer receives when interacting with your company.

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