top 10 blogging tips

The term blogging seems to either inspire people, or send shivers up their spines. Those who love to blog seem to do it effortlessly. Those who do not, seem to shrink away from the very word. This blog is for both types. The following tips should keep those who fluidly blog on track and shake the cement gloves from the hands of those who fear the keyboard.

This piece of work is for business bloggers, but the personal blogger might find a morsel of value in it, too. At this point I must assume that my readers are familiar with the term blogging. If not, I will have to address that at another time with another blog. With the help of search and my amazing SEO knowhow, I have compiled a list of ten blogging tips that will make the task easier – and may help with search optimization and rank, as well.

1. Do use familiar and relevant content.

Write what you know. Elaborate on the familiar. Use layman’s terms. The idea is to inspire your reader to engage in your business. Give them information that will answer their questions about your business or products. If you are an amazing cook, that is great, but if your business is roofing, keep your recipes to your personal blogs.

2. Do be yourself.

It is so much easier to write when you aren’t trying to be someone else. Don’t be afraid to use slang, just make sure your grammar is correct. Write from the heart and speak as yourself. Your reader will become familiar with your style and will look forward to more. Write from you to the reader. Use humor where appropriate.

3. Do read for inspiration.

Read blogs. You can get great information and inspiration from reading other blogs. Read your colleagues’ blogs. Read your competitors’ blogs. Read blogs that have nothing to do with your business. The more you read, the better you will write.

4. Do keep it simple.

Some people are so worried about the how long the blog should be that they never start writing. Here is a guideline…under 500 words. Or, for the more ambitious…over 500 words. There is no standard. Cover your content in as many or few words as it takes, making sure to sprinkle in your keywords for SEO. Which brings me to the final Do…

5. Do use keywords for search.

If you have a list of keywords to start with, this can be less daunting. If you do not, write your blog and go over it for relevant keywords. What is it about? What are your trying to convey to your reader? If your blog is about SEO, use words like SEO, and search, and optimization.

6. Don’t Use long titles.

Keep your titles short, but attention grabbing. Crawls don’t like long titles, especially when they make up the tail of your URL. Three to five words should make up the title. Save the big phrase for the body of your blog, or use an H2 title within it.

7. Don’t plagiarize.

Don’t steal content…even if it’s your own. In this business we love to throw out words like “organic content”. All this means is you are writing original information. Some have been prone to “cut and paste” to create a blog. This practice creates something called “duplicate content” and the crawls hate it. Don’t take the easy way out, be original and give the reader something new.

8. Don’t send readers away.

Use internal Links. Give your reader links to more information about you or your company within your blog. Encourage social media sharing. Put in calls to action to your company’s relevant web pages. Link words (especially keywords) within your blog to related pages or posts. Don’t use the page URLs, just link the words. (i.e. Dani manages Search Engine Optimization for Art Unlimited.)

9. Don’t be a billboard.

Give your reader information that is amusing, useful, and/or needed. Please don’t bombard the reader with advertising. Chances are you have other means for that. Yes, you are in business, but the true point of a blog shouldn’t be a sales pitch.

10. Don’t give up.

If you are stuck, walk away for a bit, but come back quickly. Ask for help, if you need it. Once you get started blogging, keep it up. You will develop followers who will await your next post. You will find that the more you blog, the easier it gets.

Now, go forth and blog with fervor and confidence.