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Google AdWords has revolutionized the way that you can market your company’s products and services. By displaying your company above the standard search results, you are certain to be a priority view and click for potential sales leads. This is great, but what is it that makes this program so much more useful than most other internet marketing tools?

Google is the most widely used search engine on the planet

There is a reason that when one person suggests to another person to do an internet search to find information or a product that they say “Google it.” That is because Google’s search engine has over a billion monthly unique users; that is one seventh of the global population and approximately four times the amount of its closest competitor.

Strengthening your business’ presence on a technological tool this monolithic is a must for sustained success and growth, regardless of your industry. Due to the fact that properly using Google AdWords does just that, it is an invaluable tool to this end.

You only pay for results

The business model of most third party internet marketing tools involves your company paying either a lump sum upfront fee or a quarterly profit draining monthly bill. This wouldn’t be a big problem if you had a way of guaranteeing that every penny that you invested in these resources provided you with a measurable return. But they don’t; instead they leave you in the dark as to whether or not the marketing tool used was a beneficial investment at all.

Google AdWords, on the other hand, has shaken up the way that internet marketing tools are paid for their services. With this marketing tool, Google is only paid via measurable results (per click on your advertisement).

Not only that, but you also get to tell them exactly what you will pay for their services; not only in the form of the total amount that you will pay for the service, but also with regards to how much you are willing to pay per click.

These factors cut advertising costs down to exclusively measurable benefits.

Get started with Google AdWords today!

As you can see, Google AdWords is an invaluable tool in your organization’s internet marketing campaign. To learn more about this advertising tool and help with getting started, contact Art Unlimited via phone at 218-666-2512 (877-664-2512 toll-free).